Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Shopping

So Jere, Jodie and I went shopping today at Legends Mall in KC. Our main purpose was to get gifts for each other for Christmas morning. We had a good time and ate dinner at the new T-Rex restaurant which was fun, but fairly expensive - of course we paid for the experience too! I have to admit that the restaurant is pretty neat.

On another note - I have started getting deals at CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens through my friends Rachel and Shawna and am loving it. Tonight I went to Walgreens and got 3 large bottles of Pantene (24.5 oz). I paid $21.21 after tax and am getting a $10 rebate back on it. My whole goal in doing this is to stock up so that I don't end up making random purchases, plus a lot of the stuff I am going to get for free (especially at CVS). Such good deals! One other thing is that I talked to my stepmom and she is going to start saving her coupons for me out of her Sunday paper! This saves me from buying a Sunday paper every week since I don't generally read the paper anyways. I am really excited about this because if CVS has items for free, I can actually make money by using a coupon when I pay for the item.

Anyways I hope that everyone has a great weekend and Christmas!