Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Melodi's Wedding Shower

These are some pictures from Melodi's shower.

Melodi's sisters and mother: (left-right) Gabrielle, Melodi, Shawna, Stephanie.
The craft table. Shawna came up with the great idea to decorate recipe cards and make a cook book for Melodi. It turned out great.

Vicki made the table pretty and Shawna and I made the food. Stephanie, Melodi's mom brought three cheese balls which were amazing.

Melodi, Rachel, Ruth

All the presents! She got lots of gift cards too. We had a pretty good turn out of family.
Melodi showing a frame that I got her.


Albi, the allusive cat. This is probably one of the best photos we've ever gotten of him. He dashed off as soon as the flash went off.

If you want to see some other pictures from the shower click here.


Melodi said...

it was a great shower; thanks again! :D

Rachel said...

I'm disturbed by the fact that in one of the pictures only one of my eyes has red-eye.

Reagan said...

LOL I must have missed that eye in my little editing program :) or you're just half demon.