Friday, September 26, 2008

The Things I Dream About

I often find myself wondering what new houses are listed on the local real estate website. So I go and take a look and usually find something.

"I wonder if we could go ahead and buy it and just make the $250 payment while fixing it up and living in our currect house" is usually what goes through my mind.

I consider this house to be a jewel. Of course I haven't seen it in person...Isn't is sooo cute? I'm going to have drive by and look in the windows. Wait till you see the inside. There is so much potential! I don't know that the neighborhood is the best, but it's located in a historic section of town.

4 bedrooms
2 baths
2 Story Residential
2042 sq ft
Forced A/C & Gas Heat

"Sturdy Victorian w/loads of potential."

Hey look! Here's the entry and as you can see, it's already got a lot of the process of drywalling finished! For me that is a definite thumbs up.

This is another view of the entry way. The only problem I see here is dust on the railing...easy to fix and carpet on the stairs that is probably pretty nasty. Looks like new entry tile.

I think this might be the living room. The house has one fireplace and Jer and I have already decided that a fireplace is a must in our next house. I wonder if it works...

Kitchen - Could use some sprucing AND a dishwasher! Looks big enough for an eat in table.

Dining Room since it matches the kitchen paint?

Bedroom, I assume.

Another bedroom?

What do you think? Would it be a good investment opportunity? In all honesty, we're not buying right now but I wish we were and I love looking and thinking about it!


Shawna said...

that house is awesome! it came through on a search I did the other day for 4br 2 ba, and caught my eye.
i love dreaming about stuff like that!

bandanachick said...

I didn't even know you could buy a house that cheap! Or would that be your down payment?
It is very cute!

Reagan said...

That's how much they are asking for the sale price of the house. :)

Lynn said...

OK - now I am totally having to restrain myself from going to search for a house with 4 brs 2 baths!

If anyone could do something great with that house, it would totally be you and Jere!!!

April said...

Too bad Brian & Rachelle don't want a fixer-upper.

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

ok, so i think you're going to have to keep an eye for us when it comes time... :) that house looks so cute!

lanes said...

I love Victorian homes! That would be a lot of fun to fix up...

Reagan said...

April - That's what Jere said! ;) He is insisting that we pay ours off first before we buy anything else.

Kristi - You guys planning to live in Topeka?! That would be so much fun. I would deffinately help you house shop!