Friday, September 28, 2007

Scratch That Last Post

Tommorow we are moving over to our house. We're not moving everything from storage, just the things we have had at Scott and Lynn's. I haven't posted in a while because I have been discouraged about how sometimes we post something that we plan on - and it doesn't end up happening (like our last post). I kind of feel like we're lying on our blog! So the thing is, WE ARE MOVING TOMMOROW. I just want to make that clear. :)

We've had a lot happen in the past two weeks. Including but not limited to, becoming new puppy owners (we're still working on posting pictures).

We got him, "Zephyr" on September 15th...Thinking back on it I remembered that that is the day Jere and I met six years ago. Funny how things turn out. Zephyr is a german shorthaired pointer. That is what he'll look like when he's older (except way cuter)

Quite a bit has happened with the house too...The bathroom is "finished" to the point that we can move in :) We have both used the toilet in our new house one time. It is nice not peeing in a drain while over there working! We mudded and taped two coats. We primed and painted the bathroom and the shower surround is up.

We're going to finish painting the bedroom that we're going to stay in, right now it has two coats of primer.

So basically we're just jumping in and making ourselves move from the nice house we currently have been priveleged to stay in, to our house in the midst of a remodel. We've done a lot on it but have a lot yet to do!


Ben & Kristi Graves said...

Aww I'm anxious to see what your dog looks like! =D Cool name btw

Well Kristi is stuck in Hawaii till monday till she can get a flight to guam and then japan. (It must suck to be stuck in Hawaii....not)

And I am here in SD preparing to head back to Japan.

We miss you guys, and hope you DO move into the new house! haha

Oh so I've been working on this a little bit, not trying to do anything fancy but...
but I'm no pro at this kind of stuff...thanks for the idea!


Marcie said...

Yeah! How exciting to actually be moving in! I hope the move goes smoothly and you are able to get your house finished soon.

Anonymous said...

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