Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cloth Diaper Babies for Google

Yesterday I met up with a girl who I connected with on Facebook. She organized a photo shoot with a professional photographer (donating her time) to take pictures of babies with cloth diapers. The plan is to send the pics to Google as part of the "Google KS" excitement to bring faster fiber optic internet to Topeka. The idea is that babies are cute and why not keep pushing for Google to see that we want them to pick us? I personally have not done anything in regards to the competition, so when I saw the forum calling for babies in cloth diapers to do a photo shoot, I thought "Why not? I'll volunteer...". These were photos that I took and I'm glad I got them. I think they looked cute!

Brighton getting ready for photos

I think four out of the six babies at the shoot were wearing Bum Genius diapers...My favorite diaper was the cow print that the baby second from the left is wearing. So fun!

Toward the end, Brighton was getting hungry, hot and having a hard time keeping it together sitting next to the other babies. So I took him off to the side, helped him calm down and took a few photos of him by himself.


Rachel Whitten said...

awww I'm so glad you did it! How neat and the photos are super cute, I can't wait to see the finished products!