Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Arch Nemesis

Fingernail polish remover. It's my arch nemesis. It's really sad that a bottle of acid could be such an enemy, but it's true. I have spilled fingernail polish remover so many times, and it has done serious damage on several occasions. Two days ago I was sitting at my dining room table and when I reached for the bottle, I knocked it over with my hand instead of picking it up. Of course, a huge amount came spilling out and I jumped into action to find a towel. I was moving as quick as I could but at the same time knew that it would not be fast enough...I had had enough experience to know this. So this is the result of my clumsiness. Once section is just rough like the top coat got taken off. Another area actually has slight discoloration. I am thinking I could solve this two ways:
  1. Start sanding the top and see how it looks all roughed up. Give it sort of a distressed look. If I liked the top well enough, I would do it to the legs as well.
  2. Sand the top and see what it looks like distressed and if I don't like it then I can't sand it clean down and re-stain or paint only the top. The edges are angled enough that I don't think it would be all that noticeable.

The camera flash helps show it more - it's not this noticeable with natural light...


Jessie said...

ugg sorry lady-hope it turns out looking great

Rachel said...

oh man! what a bummer! I bet you can fix it though.