Wednesday, March 31, 2010

8 Months Old

  • 7mo 1wk: This boy is moving. He isn't crawling but he is definitely getting places. I put him down, he moves over to whatever object is around that he is NOT supposed to touch.
  • We received his spring hat in the mail right after he turned 7 months. I love it.
  • He took his first plane ride on 3/14/10. Jere, Brighton and I went together to Las Vegas. Microsoft holds a conference that Jere wanted to attend, so Bright and I tagged along. He was awake for the first three plane rides but slept on the last flight home. The whole way.
  • While in Las Vegas, I would push him around in the stroller and he would sit up hanging onto the tray and staring at everything. It was so fun for me to watch it. He's becoming such a little boy!
  • We used disposable diapers while on our little trip to Las Vegas. See the story below.
  • 7mo 3wk: He ate his first sweet potatoes. He would make a face as if he didn't like the taste, and then open his mouth for more. Every time he did that, I would sign for more and say the word. I am hoping if he wants the food, he'll sign for it in the near future!
  • This month, he has eaten two biter biscuits, sweet potatoes and green beans. Next up - carrots and peas!
  • I have been hesitant to feed him real food because it seemed like such a BIG undertaking. I finally broke down and actually bought some baby food instead of grinding it up myself. Just the idea of it seems a lot easier.
  • Brighton likes most things that we don't want him to touch. Like anything electronic. In order to train him we have left the laptop on the floor. Anytime he gets near enough to touch it, we tell him no. Up until 7mo 3wk he just looks up at me and smiles. Finally we had a break through where fussed after we told him no and threw a little fit. I think that will be the only time I am okay with it because now I know that he knows what I'm saying :)

  • At the breastfeeding clinic on 3/18/10, he weighed 19lb 15oz.
  • His hair has been hanging over the edges of his ears. While it drives me crazy to look at it, I also don't want to cut it!
  • He has started pushing himself into different positions. He started with going from sitting to his belly. I'll be in another room and hear a thud, look out and he's okay, moving around! He has also started pushing into a sitting position from his belly. He hasn't pushed himself up all the way yet but uses his arm as a prop. Also, I now know that he can "flip" over rather than "roll" over. There is definitely no more leaving him on the couch now...
  • He took his first bath in the bathtub by himself with about five inches of water. It's a little dangerous because he's sitting but if he sees a toy he goes for it. This means that he pushes himself onto his belly. Not good in a bathtub! He was actually fast enough the first time that I didn't catch it...

  • He has three teeth on the top and two teeth on the bottom. He's working on a fourth one up top still.
  • Just before he turned 8 months old, his fourth tooth on top came through. Now he has six teeth!
  • When he inch worm crawls to me, I get down on my knees and hold my arms out. When he reaches me, he slaps my hands signaling for me to pick him up. This is funny to me because he'll stop at the farthest point from me but still close enough that he can stretch his arm out to reach me.
  • Jere moved Brighton's crib down a level because he has started crawling over to the corner closest to the door and pulling himself up to his knees. Can't be too careful when making sure he won't fall out!
  • The day before he turned 8 months old, he was sitting in a laundry basket outside while I was cleaning up the yard. Mom was watching him and noticed that he was pulling himself up and standing in the laundry basket! He's been semi doing this but he's never actually pulled himself all the way up.
  • We've really enjoyed going outside together. When he was around 7.5 months old the weather turned really nice. We've been taking walks almost every day and he really enjoys sitting outside in the sun while playing with a few toys :)
  • I have a buyer for the changing table and although I am a little sad to see it go, we haven't been using it for months because he's too big for it. We've been changing him on the living room floor. We're planning on making a play area in his room when the changing table leaves.

Here's the story...While we were in Las Vegas I knew that I wanted to take Brighton to the pools and sit together in the sun. The first day we were there we slept in, then got up and left the hotel room. We stopped in a shop selling sunglasses and sunscreen before we got out to the pool. We were taking our time and just moving slowly. I made my way curving around the sidewalk to the opposite side of the entrance. This seemed to be the most quiet spot where there were lots of chairs open and only a few people swimming. Brighton and I put on some sunscreen, and got ready to swim. We were only in the pool for about five minutes because although I was told that it was heated, it felt pretty cold. We went back, toweled off and sat together enjoying the sunshine. By this point there were two ladies chatting a couple chairs away and a whole family sitting two rows in front of us. I fed Brighton and then laid him in the stroller on his back with a hotel towel laid underneath him. It was SO relaxing to sit and read while he played with his toys in the shade of the stroller.
After a little while he started getting fussy so I thought to myself that I would push him around and he would probably fall asleep. I tried for a few minutes but he was still fussing. So I decided to check his diaper. Ding ding ding! He had a majorly poopy diaper! I decided to pick him up by his ankles and behind his head instead of underneath his arms like I normally do. This proved to be the wrong thing to do. As I was moving him from the stroller to my chair (where there was a hotel towel spread out) to change his diaper, the leg of his diaper on the opposite side of me was opening because of the way I was holding his legs. The thing I didn't realize was that Brighton's poop was liquid. I had never seen anything like it. After I laid him down, I realized in disbelief that the poop had leaked all over the place. It was all underneath him on the chair, in the stroller on the towel (thank goodness it was on the stroller!). It was on the foot rest of the stroller, the tray, five huge splashes between the chair and the stroller, on the based of the chair in several places AND on my big toe!! Gross. I was so mortified. The ladies were still sitting only two chairs away and I was trying to move as quickly as possible to clean it all up. I had a stack of wipes with me about an inch thick and I used all of them. I wrapped the towels in on themselves, packed up and basically ran out of there. I was so embarrassed and worried because Brighton had never done something like that and it happened in public!

I wasn't sure what to do with the hotel towels so I called house keeping from the concierge desk. The woman I talked to assured me that things like that happened all the time and said she would send someone down with a bio hazard back to throw the towels away. A BIO HAZARD BAG! I cannot say enough how mortified I was. On the way back to the hotel, Brighton had fallen asleep. Prime example of the eat, play, poop, sleep schedule!

I am having a blast with him and I wouldn't change anything though. He is such a sweet little boy!