Saturday, January 30, 2010

6 Months Old

I still have no idea who he really looks like...

  • Baby boy rolled over on his own while wrestling his lion when he was 5 mo 6 days old. He had rolled over before but it was always right when he set him on his stomach - almost like he had just lost his balance.

  • He was drooling and chewing on everything. I figured he was doing some sort of teething but couldn't feel anything.

  • I felt his bottom front right tooth coming in when he was three days from turning six months old. It's very pronounced so I must have missed it when I had checked before.

  • He is constantly pushing his legs which in turn pushes his booty into the air.

  • His hand/eye coordination has really developed this month. He is grabbing things very well and it's funny to see him open his fingers very deliberately and close them around the item he wants.

  • He weighs somewhere over 17lbs 12oz.

  • I gave him his first meal of homemade rice cereal + breast milk before bed when he was four days from turning six months old.

  • He continues to turn towards the left in circles, but does go right when there is a toy that he wants.

  • He taps his right foot constantly.

  • His hair is getting longer and lighter.

  • He has been trying to push himself up onto his knees but ends up pushing himself backwards because he doesn't know what to do after he's on his knees.

  • He LOVES strings and ribbons.

  • Jere was tickling him the other day and he was just giggling and giggling. I tried to do it when Jere got up to do something and it didn't work. I have my ways to make him laugh though.
  • We set up his highchair at the dining room table. It's hard to believe that he's to the point where he'll start using it soon! He isn't eating food yet but it will be coming soon, I'm sure.
  • His skin has had red patches in the crooks of his elbows and behind his knees. I'm watching it but I hope it isn't eczema like I have.

  • The last month, he's been waking up in the middle of the night. Anywhere from 3am-6am. He is never really awake but usually crying like he's scared. I have no idea if this will continue but it started when we were both sick and his schedule was off. I usually put his binki in his mouth to see if that helps and sometimes I go ahead and feed him.

  • I have been taking naps with him and it's so sweet because we lay down in my bed facing each other, touch faces and noses and fall asleep. I love feeling him snuggle his face into mine and suck on his binki...It's the best feeling as a mother; to know my baby is content.


Shawna said...

So very sweet!

My brother brady tapped his right leg as a baby/toddler. (maybe still does?) I can still remember hearing him in bed, the sound of him lifting his leg and letting it fall on the crib mattress while he laid on his tummy falling asleep.

Andrew and Michelle Hawkinson's daughter Rachel loved strings and ribbons. They would keep a sandwich size ziploc in her diaper bag with all different colors and textures of ribbon for her to play with . Some were even curled ribbon like what you'd wrap a present with. It kept her occupied and quiet, and didn't make any noise, even if it fell on the ground. I always thought they were so clever! The best church toy ever!

MagenRanae said...

:) Too cute! I love that you do this every month! It's so fun to have a recap.