Monday, January 18, 2010

Wood Mosaic Sculpture

I am now the proud owner of another original "Jere Kemper" piece of artwork. And it's my favorite piece so far. I can't get over all the details! It's seven feet tall and about three feet wide, curved. On the inside of this structure there is another drawing in wood mosaic of a smaller tree. He is so talented that some of the flowers and the base of the tree are laid out in perspective as if it's 3-D. Those are my favorite parts. The pictures don't do it justice but I wanted to share this amazing art.

Notice the top right flower? It's angled so that it looks 3-D, not flat. I love it.

It's pretty big!

Every cut of wood was done freehand. He fit all of the pieces together by looking at the space and making the shape.

I love that the ground was done in a dark wood. It makes the roots of the tree stand out very nicely.
I love the trunk of the tree because of the twist. It really makes me believe that this is the trunk of a tree and not just a flat stick. I think the best part overall is that most of this sculpture was made with wood from our house. He used our old trim for about 75%. All of the background (the squares) is old trim wood from our house.

The only problem is that we've added another large piece to our 814 sq. ft. house...Looks like we need a bigger house!


Rachel said...

Wow, it turned out amazing! I love it! Someday you need to have a huge old home with lots of extra space for all his projects. So did he end up finishing it in time?

Reagan said...

He did end up finishing it on time...No one thought it would happen but he did it! He was gone a lot but it turned out great.

Jessie said...

It looks amazing-the detail is crazy

Lynn said...

Wow! that's sweet! If you don't have room we'd always be willing to house an original "Jere Kemper" for you!

Rachel Whitten said...

It's really incredible.

Nicole said...

Very, very cool! Way to go Jere!

MagenRanae said...

And as always, our house is open for Jere originals too! The piece we have is now proudly hanging in my kitchen. I need to get around to making a name plate for it! :)

Laurie said...

This is absolutely beautiful! Wow!

You don't know me, but I came here to try to leave you a comment about your yogurt-making disappointment which I read about on Sarah's Blog.

(I know this post about this beautiful wooden piece has nothing to do with yogurt-making, but I wasn't quite sure where else to leave it. Sorry!)

For another yogurt-making method which is pretty foolproof and does thicken up nicely, try this: