Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Boy

This face is what I see whenever I walk into Brighton's room now.

He has been pulling on things for a couple weeks and the crib has the perfect size rungs to hold onto while reaching for the top rail. It's both good and bad because while I like that he's more active, it's a little hard to make him lay down when he can just roll over and stand up in his crib. It's been pretty challenging to put him to bed. It was different when he could roll around and play for a little bit and then fall asleep. He can't fall asleep while standing up! He has also started shrieking and talking way more than he was before so he stands in his crib and yells for me...

I was realizing yesterday that because he is learning and changing so quickly that I need to change with him. He is not going to like the same thing I was doing last month because he is doing so much more than last month. It's challenging to me to remember this because while I like some change, a lot of change all the time throws me way off course!


Rachel Whitten said...

hmm I can't remember what I used to do when Colter could stand up...I think he was so used to the routine by the that he knew when I laid him down and put his binky in it was time to go to sleep. I think putting them to bed when they're tired also helps too.