Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our House

One thing I love about our house even though it's small, is the ability to rearrange my furniture. Whenever I start to feel the seeds of discontent creeping up on me I look around and think about how I can change my surroundings. It's a quick fix anyways. When we first bought the house, the living room and dining room were divided. We took out the divider to make it one big room and I am so glad we did! It allows for so much more freedom in what we do with the space. Our living room dining room area is only 12' x 24' - as big as some peoples living rooms. But I am thankful that it's a standard rectangle with no strange nooks.

The other thing I am thankful for is that we haven't finished our ceiling. It's drywall and primer. This makes it really easy to hang temporary things from the ceiling without worrying about filling the holes...

I was looking back on all the changes we've made to this house in the past 2.5 years and we've come a long way. I want to keep remembering where we've been so I can be thankful for where we are now!

Also, after I rearranged everything and took photos, I found this chair on clearance at Target in Lawrence. I LOVE it! I have been eyeing this type of chair online although I don't think I would have been drawn to this stripe pattern if I had a choice. The funny thing is that I got it home and noticed that it exactly matches the stripe at the top of my flowered curtains...apparently it was fate!


Jessie said...

It looks great. I love the chair!! Can't wait to come see it

Rachel Whitten said...

Awesome chair! I kind of wish our living room had more option to put furniture in it, but there's really not...what with the windows, the fireplace and the beams.