Saturday, January 2, 2010

Looking Back on 2009

One year ago today, I heard Brighton's heartbeat for the first time. He was only 10 weeks old, in utero. I had been so worried that I was going to lose him because I hadn't ever thrown up and a few days prior, hadn't even felt pregnant at all. My HCG levels weren't rising very much after my blood had been drawn for the second time. Because of this, my midwife asked me to come in so we could try to find a heartbeat. I was so scared. I had been wondering if I was really pregnant for weeks because I didn't have any of the symptoms I was expecting. The only symptom I ever had was that I was starving and eating all the time! We went to the Birth Center and our midwife, Norla ushered us into the room where Brighton would later be born. She found the heartbeat right away. We were so relieved. I gave her a huge hug and shed tears of relief instead of the tears of grief I had been crying just an hour before.

It's amazing to me, to reflect back on the year. I was pregnant for seven months of 2009 and enjoyed my amazing little boy for the past 5 months. Looking forward to an amazing 2010.


Rachel Whitten said...

I'm so glad he's here!