Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5 Months Old

  • He weighed in at 16 lbs 10 oz and 25 inches long at his 4 month check up. So he started out at 25th percentile when he was born and is now 55th percentile. That's a lot of progress in such a short amount of time!
  • He sat in a highchair for the first time. This happened at Jason's Deli while eating out with friends.
  • He is sitting up more and more without falling over. Usually I keep the Boppy pillow behind him as a precaution.
  • He sat through a movie for the first time in a theater when I went with a friend. The movie was "Julie & Julia".
  • He sat through his second movie with Jere and I that same week :)
  • His tooth that had been showing since he turned three months old has disappeared. It seems to have sunk back into his gums!
  • Jere has started the next trick he's seen Joe do with his boys which is holding onto their feet and balancing them while they stand in his hand.
  • If you stroke down his forehead to his nose and he is tired, he falls asleep very quickly.
  • He also LOVES listening to music while falling asleep. It accelerates the process.
  • We've noticed that he gets really happy when we change his diaper. I've never noticed him being fussy because he wants his diaper to be changed, but maybe he likes being free for that less than a minute time frame from taking the old one off and putting on the new one.

  • He doesn't mind the snot sucker. More often than not, I will put saline spray in his nose and he wiggles his nose. Then I will use the snot sucker and he acts like it tickles and usually sneezes, but doesn't usually make a fuss about it.
  • He has been sitting in his Bumbo more. Especially while I'm doing things in the kitchen - he sits in there with me while I'm busy.
  • He met his uncle Jodie for the first time (my brother).
  • His great grandma Maxine passed away.
  • We finally got the 18th diaper that I've been petitioning (Bumgenius) to send me. I sent it away four months ago to exchange it because it was missing a snap. They're a little slow...
  • He got his first haircut at 4.5 months! I used a comb and scissors to trim up the ends so it wouldn't look so scraggly.

  • He found his voice and uses it a lot to chatter and yell at us :) We love it.
  • He has started looking at us and reaching out to touch our faces. It's a lot of fun to have light baby touches on my cheeks.
  • His grip on things other than my skin is becoming a lot stronger. A friend from church said she was in the nursery and saw him wake up from his nap, put his binki back in and lay down again. Then he woke up again after she left so she came and told me. I've seen him push it back into his mouth but never pick it up. The other day I did see him take it out of his mouth while in his car seat though.
  • He has been opting to suck on lots of things besides his binki...Fingers, bibs, burp rags, my shoulder, his long sleeves. I think it gives him something different than his binki can provide.
  • I can physically see him straining to use to stomach muscles.
  • He has started "swiveling". I put him on his belly facing one direction and he turns completely around. Granted, it's not quick but I leave the room and come back to find him facing a different direction!
  • He has also started doing "the inch worm". He face plants, throws his arms out to the side, sticks his butt in the air and wiggles his legs. Then he pushes up on his arms and looks around to see how he did.
  • He attended his first performance of "The Nutcracker". He was asleep pretty much the whole time but it still counts! This time last year he about 10 weeks in-utero and I was performing in the Nutcracker instead of watching it. : )
  • I picked up his birth certificate when he was about four and a half months old. He now has identification...
  • We celebrated his first Christmas together as a family.
  • He's been sucking his thumb/hand more, as well as smacking his tongue making a weird clicking noise. (We think it's because he's trying to imitate us when we clack our tongue at us...starting with Rex & Shawna!)
  • He has said "Hi" to several people including Camryn Bloom, his aunt Rutah and Jere and I. I am pretty sure this is because I am a freak and I am constantly saying HI to him because I don't know what else to say. I tend to say HI to babies in general...


Rachel said...

I love reading these lists. :)

Clare can say "hi" too, and I'm pretty sure its because we say it to her so much too. And the boys say it to her constantly. Makes sense!