Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This past weekend I feel like we got a good amount done around the house. I've been wanting to accomplish these things but knew if I started on a project I would need several hours in one block of time. That just hasn't been happening lately but last Saturday I got motivated. It kept raining on and off but I took the shelves I needed to paint out to the porch anyways to prime them.
  • The weekend started when I cleaned out my closet and took 3 full bags of clothes to Branded on Thursday. I now have about $30 in store credit! I gave the rest of the clothes to my mom to go through. It feels so good to get rid of clothes I haven't been wearing since being pregnant and won't wear after I'm done being pregnant. I'm pretty sure that got me motivated for the weekend.
  • I got 6 shelves and the 9" cabinet that I bought primed with two coats of paint each. I got the final coats of paint done tonight.
  • I installed the bracing for the pantry shelving in the back part of our kitchen. I need to move one of the braces though because I forgot that I have a short shelf that will go on the top level.
  • I made a stick arrangement for the bare space on our wall where Jere's sculpture was before it got taken to the student art show. I like it because it's random and kind of wild.
  • I cleaned the porch so our house looks a little less ghetto (old screen door, cardboard box, stick pile, trash box etc) which made room for me to paint my shelves.
  • I rearranged the living room and got all of the tools out of our living space. I moved the TV cabinet into the living room and we've watched several movies on our TV since then. It's so much more comfortable!
  • Jere bought and installed mulch and cobblestone flower bed pavers to line the flowerbed I attempted to make a couple weeks ago. It looks so much better! He also bought grass seed and spread some around our yard. Hopefully it'll take to the ground.
  • Jere also bought and set up a reel mower and weed wacker. Since we don't have a place to store a gas mower we bought a reel mower so we can carry it to the basement. We were joking that even though we don't own a gas mower, we are now officially adults because we own a mower!
Jere has a few more plans and ideas for the front yard and instead of tackling both the front and back yards, we're focusing on the front yard this spring :) The back yard might wait till the fall. I also bought 4" feet for the bathroom vanity we're putting in the kitchen and I think it's going to work really well. I am feel really good about the progress we made and I'm looking forward to what I can get done this weekend!

Next up:
  • Sand vanity that's replacing the stainless steel work table in kitchen.
  • Prime and paint vanity, feet for vanity.

I need to post pictures soon. Hopefully I can get some taken.

P.S. Today I am 27 weeks along!


Jessie said...

Good job! Checking stuff off the 'list' always feels great.

Rachel Whitten said...

You realize you're nesting, right?

Reagan said...

I realize I'm trying to get stuff done so we don't have the stress of the house AND the new baby and school! Is that nesting??

Eryn said...

yikes! just reading all of that made me tired. and i am not even pregnant! are you sore at all?

Reagan said...

Eryn - Yes, I was very sore that night and a few days after. After any work I do i feel like i can barely walk right!