Friday, January 23, 2009

Link Love

A website where you can put in a picture of you and of your spouse to see what your baby will look like. I've thought about doing this for friends who already have kids to see how accurate it is. My babies looked a little strange. Maybe they looked strange to me because they had green eyes and I know my kids can't have green eyes. (Unless God pulls something on me)

I found this website through a local photographer's blog that I read. I just LOVE her photos.

This is the story about the painful yet victorious life of a lady named Heather. Transformed from Jehovah's Witness to a woman for Christ, it's a very powerful story. It's about 40 minutes long but worth the listen.

The lady who runs the Chart Jungle website is now my best friend. I printed this chart and I feel SO empowered. Writing out the problems in each room on a CHART just does something to make me feel like I can accomplish anything. This chart can be used for cleaning up rooms too but I am sure she has a chart for cleaning on her website somewhere too. (Thanks for casually mentioning this site to me Lynn, I love it!)


Melodi said...

true story:
danielle and i spent the whole afternoon making babies. lol. on that website. she's 7 months pregnant and couldn't get one photo of a semi-normal looking kid to save her life! also that site is down right now, oddly enough.
via the site: jodie and i have a freaky looking baby that i cant tell the gender of, a red headed boy, and a semi-normal looking blonde girl with a huge forehead. they all have my nose.
also that photo blog is gorgeous. remind me to tell jodie about that; he'll love it!