Monday, September 8, 2008

Mobile Uploads

Here's to the last two weeks. Reduced down to me taking a photo a day in my cubicle at work. Apparently that green poster is my friend...why else would it be in almost every picture I take?! I need to get out more.


Straight hair

It's fall and I want to be outside...

Love note
I'm so tired. Maybe Shawna will leave a comment if I blame her for it.

Day before Labor Day Weekend...I was happy.

Heaviest piece of furniture EVER.
Jere grabbed my phone and took this photo of me for "proof that he hits me". In real life, it's dust that I smudged on my face after lifting the heaviest piece of furniture EVER. Oh and those bruises on my leg aren't from Jere, no they really aren't - they're also from the heaviest piece of furniture EVER that I rested on my legs for less than one minute.

Hair beard.
I am a zombie drone.
The reason I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring...So sad. (I have eczema at random times) Fortunately, Jere puts cortisone on my fingers every night. It only gets better when HE does it for some reason.


Jessie said...

You are funny. I love your randomness.

Rachel said...

I get excema on my wedding finger too! It drives me crazy. I came across your blog one day and your work pictures crack me up! You seem like someone who makes something boring standable-- if standable is even a word. :-)

lanes said...

Love the work pictures, as well. And your smoothie looks yummy! Did you make it yourself?

Reagan said...

Well technically, Jere probably made the smoothie:)

I would say standable is a great word! my hands gets irritated if I do a lot of stuff in water and it just takes a long time to heal.