Friday, August 15, 2008

That Feel Good Feeling

I have identified that the way I feel after physical activity is something I love. I love feeling a little bit sore. That being said, I don't know how to make myself get there. It takes everything I have to force myself to take the time and or get out of bed to do something I know I'll like in the end. Here are some things I try to do.
  1. Make an appointment with a friend. Can't sleep through appointments! Someone else is counting on meeting.

  2. Reminding myself that I have music and that I LOVE THAT FEELING I get afterwards.

  3. Knowing that it takes so much to get BACK to where I was before.

  4. Reminding myself that it takes personal discipline to get out of bed and exercise. That's something I want!

  5. Writing in my planner on the monthly view, the days that I excercise and what I did. This helps me to realize what I've been doing and when I've done it.

Unfortunately there are no concrete reasons for people (me) to exercise. Just self discipline really...I mean sure there are health reasons but I've always considered myself "just right". I read this post the other day by a girl with two children. She is my age and she has self discipline!

The first title I came up with for this post was "Feeling My Body" but thought that might be a little risque... :-)