Saturday, August 16, 2008 Links

I signed up at this past week and I am finding it to be a great resource.
I know it's been around for a long time but if you live under a rock like me it'll be news to you!
It's a website that bookmarks websites so you can keep track of all those fabulous sites out there! Whenever I read a good article or find a website that I like, I usually e-mail it to myself but this seems way more handy to keep it all in one place. When you find a site to mark, you just fill in the information and it's saved. When you sign in and look at your account it will show you all of the links you've added recently and on what day you added them. You can tag the websites you find and it sorts and saves the tags. You can also write a description for the site so that you don't have to click on the link to remember what the site was about. So far I am loving it and am looking forward to going back through my links later when I have 2,473.