Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back Home

Here are 10+ reasons to move out of your house for a couple of months and let someone else live in it.

1)You will realize that you have way more clothes and that you should be thankful for what you have. (Of course you can't take all your clothes with you in the first place in order for this to happen!)

2)They will come up with ideas that you never would have thought up. Like buying a homemade ice maker! I seriously just love this so much I can't even describe it.

3) They will leave flavor-ice in your freezer

4) Even better, they will leave whipped topping in your freezer.

5) They will leave an almost new bottle of dish soap in your kitchen. There is something about that, that is so nice.

6) You will remember that you have jewelery. (of course this means that you would have not taken much with you in the first place)

7) You will find a picture in your jewelery box that makes you think back to your senior prom.

8) You will appreciate a fresh lit candle that you forgot you owned.

9) They will leave mini packs of peanut m&m on your bed. Unfortunately, they will count on you eating those m&am when your husband is gone and you're up at 2am eating them!

10) You will come home to fresh sheets and a well made bed (this picture was after we slept in it...Rachelle's bed making skills are superb)

11) They will leave fresh flowers on your dining room table and even try to coordinate them with the colors in that room.

12) Last but definitely not least - They will leave you a little gift for...wait what did we do again?

It just worked out that our friends could live in our house while we were in Europe and after too. We wanted to live with our other friends anyway! I highly suggest this type of house swap and if you don't think it would work for you then maybe you really need to try it to loosen up! Don't call me crazy until you've done it.


Scott and Lynn said...

Are you kidding me? You have posted 42 times since we left home! I just can't keep up with you guys :)

Is it good to be home? We're going to miss you!