Monday, May 12, 2008

What a great weekend

Jere and I had such a nice weekend. I tried to get him to go to campus on Saturday to work on a few projects but in the end, I am glad he ended up hanging out with me ALL weekend :)

My friend Jessie and I had a garage sale at her house and I made $144 plus $30 more to come soon. I thought that was pretty good for wanting to get rid of stuff that would have just gone to Goodwill anyways!

I think the best thing that came out of going through boxes was finding my nice ballet leotard. Too bad I only have two more classes this semester! I also re-sewed my point shoe ribbons so that the ribbons won't bunch up when I wear them. This is something I've been wanting to do but will only enjoy for the last two classes as well.

My sister's birthday was Saturday and because my family stinks at communication (me included, apparently ) I didn't see her at all. Kinda like how I didn't see my grandpa before he died...Thankfully I have more chances to see my sister.

Okay this is taking a sour note so I'll end that.

Edit:: On a good note, my friend Marcie had her baby! Surprisingly (to me if nobody else) it makes me want to think more about having one myself. I'm not sure how much thinking one has to do before they're ready to have kids - it probably, really takes just jumping into it belly first. (Don't try to make sense of jumping with your belly first. I'm not sure how that would work)

On mother's day we had my mom and Jere's mom/siblings over for lunch. We ate pesto/artichoke pasta with chicken and it was delish! We also had corn on the cob, salad and banana cream pie bars. I was stuffed :) My mom had to leave but Jere's family stayed until around 4:30pm and played cards with was a lot of fun! We were really tired all weekend and somehow got in three naps that were each over two and half hours long. (I know you guys with kids are laughing at us right now) Actually Sunday we layed down for a few minutes and woke up four and a half hours later...I don't know how we'll survive when we start having kids!

Today is back to normal, except for the fact that we only have 19 days till we leave on a plane for Amsterdam for a MONTH. That makes me really really nervous/scared/excited/blank and realizing I don't care if I get anything more done with the house - I need to help plan our stinkin' trip!!

First I think I'll have to wax my eyebrows. Eyebrows come first.


MagenRanae said...

You crack me up!

Jessie said...

we had a great weekend with the two of you :)
..You can't see me.

..where are the drinks?

Reagan said...

Yeah...I wasn't sure if I should mention that or not LOL

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

not much time at all and you will be out and about traveling, so fun! :)