Tuesday, May 13, 2008

CVS Ramblings

Last night I went to CVS to spend a $10 extra care buck. When I scanned my card at the scanning machine to see what coupons I might get another $10 ecb printed. I forgot that I had done a survey and received $10 for it! So I had $20 ecb's to spend. I went to see if the free monthly deals were available since they are out a lot...there were some there, just for me apparently!

I got 3 aquafresh toothpastes, 3 colgate toothbrushes (used 3 coupons) and with my overage I bought a bottle of pledge multi-surface cleaning spray. I spent my $20 ecb's and got back $20 since the toothpaste and toothbrushes were free and I had coupons which covered the cost of the cleaning spray.

THEN I went and picked up three Scott toilet paper 12 packs to stock up for the guests that will be living in our house while we're in Europe. They were on sale for $6.49 so I grabbed myself a drink since I knew I needed to get my total up to the amount from the first transaction. I ended up having to grab four candy bars too since I had coupons for the toilet paper which lowered my total...shucks, what a shame.

My $10 was going to expire today and I figured I would just spend the rest of my ecb's since they would expire while we were on our trip anyways. I'll start back up when we get home in July.

To make a long story short, I went to CVS to spend my $10 ecb on toilet paper. Ended up having to spend $20 ecb's and got some free stuff in there before I bought my toilet paper.



MagenRanae said...

Don't you just love shopping at CVS?! :) I think I'll start up again this week! Way to go on all the free loot!

Curry's said...

I love those days at CVS!! Have you been able to do the Grocery Game yet? Saving money is so addicting, and I to go the free toothbrush and toothpaste.

*also I dont know if you do this, but my hubby has a card too. so we get double the stuff :).*

Reagan said...

I looked into the grocery game, but ended up not trying it...I was just too busy to think about it at the time and haven't really thought about it since! I just shop at aldi and do okay with it :)

I never really considered having two cards because there are a lot of people who shop at the one CVS here in town...I often feel bad for taking the allotted amount allowed let alone taking double! :)