Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thoughts for the morning

my belly hurts.

lady needs a haircut

these vitamins seem to be helping my nails grow

wrestling with jere was fun

i can do the dishes later

i can't wait to taste the yogurt jere decided to make (instead of me)

oh yeah, i'm eating lunch with the girls tommorow

oh yeah, i'm hanging out with my sister tommorow night

i have a lot to do today at work

jere: why do i have to do any work planning the trip when you decided we weren't going to make any reservations or know where we're going...doesn't that mean YOU DON'T PLAN ANYTHING?? (just so you know, i am not being rude or disrepectful to my dear loving husband...these are just thoughts running through my head)

why am i having to drag myself, beat myself into submission and then do a final waterboarding technique to make myself get anything done?

i am feeling really lazy

my stomach still hurts...maybe i should eat lunch now

i'm sure this is all so interesting - which is why i am posting it. HAHAHA. okay so i can feel my brain move as it switches to crazy mode and it's a weird sensation.


Scott and Lynn said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts! Does your tummy hurt from all the wrestling with Jere?

Reagan said...

Well...I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it's something intestinal. Some interesting things have occured with the lower half of my body since I posted this. It still hurts.

Jessie said...

sorry about the intestinal stuff-you do have crazy thoughts, thanks for sharing.
Maybe I should get you some courtesy flush like we have :) he he he he

Reagan said...

i actually had jere look for some of that courtesy flush (for him, not me) but he didn't find it! when i use the restroom, it smells like roses.

Jeremiah said...

Hey now. You had me look for some of that stuff because you WANTED TO GIVE IT AWAY AS A WEDDING GIFT!!!

Reagan said...

LOL, I'm pretty sure I told you that I wanted to give it as part of a wedding gift for a joke and some for us. :)

Jeremiah said...


dave & rachel said...

okay, this is all very INTERESTING! :) We've got intestinal stuff over here too...yuck.

I tagged you on my blog!