Thursday, May 15, 2008


Soooo I don't know why this didn't get posted...I thought I posted it last Thursday!

Jere turned in his final project last night (thursday May 15th) for the first semester back to school in 2-3 years! It's such a huge relief to have gotten through this semester with him only taking 12 hours (originally he was going to take 18)...Next fall, he IS enrolled in 18 hours although 6 of those are online. We can do this and will get through it! (he will be working his 40 hours still!) He did so well this semester and will be getting mostly A's.

I am soo proud of him!

He tells people that I'm making him go back to school and that's partly true (because he wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't politely asking him :P ) but I know he likes the thought of graduating with a degree or two :-)


dave & rachel said...

Way to go, Jere! It will be worth it!