Thursday, February 14, 2008

Locks of Love

After seeing Kari-On donate her hair to locks of love, I thought about doing it too. I've thought about it in the past but have never had long enough hair. After looking into it I realized that I couldn't donate because my hair has been highlighted too many times. So I found someone to donate instead! My sister Ruthie has been growing her hair out to donate (I didn't know) and she was ready for a change on top of that. So I gave her a hair cut :)

So we straightened her hair out so we could get the length right and took our pictures...

She had just enough to donate. 10 inches from the bottom of the pony tail holder. You are supposed to cut above the ponytail holder.

Then we plunged in and chopped it off. Because the pony tail was so thick I had to ax away at it and Ruth and Rachel (who took some pictures while I cut) started to freak out that it was taking so long. I had to explain that Ruth has crazy thick hair!

I love cutting hair and once thought about going to school for it. Although I am not the best, she liked the outcome :) And I got my fix for donating some hair and giving a hair cut.

After I was done cutting her hair, the back had this interesting sweep to the side and curled under on the other side...

Ruth and I had talked in the past about hair cuts she could do and this one always came up because it's funky and fun...She has never dyed her hair either - it's beautiful!

Here she is with the final product. I love it on her - she looks so cute.


Kelly said...

I'm impressed! You did a great job of cutting her hair! I'm terrible at cutting in a straight line so my scissors don't go near anyone's hair! :-)

dave & rachel said...

Very cute! Good job!

HopiQ said...

Wow! You did a great job! I'm loving my short hair style!

bandanachick said...

When I saw these pictures (before I read your blog) I, Reagan sure does look different...haha! It wasn't you! :)
You did a great job though!