Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our Pup, the Zephyr

We call him Zephyr. He's a German Shorthaired Pointer. He's ten and a half weeks old now. He likes Pig Ears, Canned dog food and squeeky toys. He loves to nibble on anything that moves (we'll be working on that). He'll only chase a toy about 20 feet, then his nose takes charge, forcing him to sniff something else out. He had his first "No Accident" day yesterday, not peeing in his kennel while Reagan and I were at work. Our little baby is already growing up, so fast.
If you want to see more of this floppy eared dude, we posted more pictures on our flickr account.


Charissa said...

that's a great picture.

rallywhit said...

he's so cute! Greta says she sees a family resemblence, but I'm not so sure. They're both german so they'll get along great!

Can't wait to meet the little fellow!

Scott and Lynn said...

Wow! He looks so much bigger - I forgot how little he was :) He is so cute!

Nicole said...

Congrats! How stinkin' cute is he! You should bring him over on Friday to play and have a hot dog!