Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Break 2007, Killeen TX

Well, right now I am in Killeen Texas visiting my sister, brother in law and nephew. Here are a few pics of what we have done so far! (which really hasn't been much :) )

We left on Friday night (for spring break) and on the way down to TX, we stopped once for gas, food and restroom usage. So for food we decided to split a pizza. I haven't ever done this on a road trip because it isn't really car food but it worked out well. The other good news was that Ruth got us a few dollars off of the total because she is so hot! Ended up being a very cheap meal:)
(Left to Right: Ruth, Caleb, Jamie, Reagan)

Rachel wanted to buy something which would enable her to sit outside comfortably while Colter plays. So I went with her to Home Depot and this swing/lounge (it lays into a bed) was $80. I really like it - I would like one but Rachel reminded me that I don't have a patio...I figured I would just set it up in our living room:)

Sunday night Brent and Rachel's freinds invited us over for dinner. We hung out in their back yard for a while and then ate dinner - it was great.

After dinner we sat in the hot tub for a little bit. It was pretty relaxing except for how many people we fit in, plus the babies splashing around!

(Left to Right: Austin, Jamie, Reagan, Rachel, Colter, Ruth, Cara)

So today (monday) we're going hiking for the afternoon. There is a park with trails nearby so it should be an adventure. We are also taking Greta with us (Rachel's German Shepherd). I'll post more pictures later!