Monday, March 19, 2007

Lake Perry Hike

On Saturday, Rob and I went for a hike at Lake Perry. The hike was a great time to get out and stretch out legs. We started at the trail around 11:30am and was able to be back to the car by 3:00pm. We only hiked four miles, but we had plenty of distractions that kept us off of the trail.

One of these distractions was the chance to play with a dying (or so we thought) Garter Snake. I was walking up the trail and stepped right over this beautiful creature without noticing it. If Rob was not behind me and staring at the ground, then we both would have missed it. At first it was stretched out perpendicular to the trail, but once Rob tapped it with a stick it curled up under the leaves. We felt bad at first because it was moving extremely slow. So after I took some pictures we covered it up with leaves and left. On our way back the snake was gone without a trace. It was really cool to be able to see a creature like this on a cold day. Every time I go hiking I am able to see/do something totally new.

The rest of the trip was great. Being so early in the year, there is hardly any color on the trees or on the trail. The color that is there pops out at you. Being so early in the year also has other advantages... like no ticks or spiders. I have posted all of my photographs from this hike on my flickr page. Enjoy!