Thursday, March 15, 2007

See the Sky

Running last night made me realize how much I appreciate living in smaller cities. When I was in Atlanta, Georgia, even in the suburbs, I could not see the stars at night. While Reagan and I were running last night I would often catch myself staring at the stars and the clouds in the sky. Watching Orion slay Taurus with his two hunting dogs is always a fun time. My imagination suprises me, it always pops up unexpectantly. Why am I creating this story line with two dogs, a hunter and a bull while I'm sweating up a storm, fighting blisters, and running my buns off? Maybe my body is going into shock because of the "work" it has to do and it's punishing me by adding a tad bit of insanity to my ortherwise logical brain. Who knows?

Last night was gorgeous. I don't know how anybody could stay indoors when there are nights like that. Get outside. Take your kids to the lake. They will have a great time. You will see an amazing sunset. You don't even have to leave your vehicle. Just turn off the television, put down the laptop and walk to the car. Things will flow naturally. God's creation is more amazing than whatever dwelling you live in.

My Outdoor Checklist for 2007

  1. Sleep outside
  2. Catch a Fish
  3. Hike by myself
  4. Have a morning devotional by a Lake
  5. Be vastly amazed that EVERYTHING I see was created by god and for his glory
  6. Climb a tree
  7. Play soccer
  8. Go Skiing
  9. Make a snow angel
  10. Have a snow ball fight
  11. Pick wildflowers for my wife
  12. Find some trash on a trail and carry it all of the way out to a dumpster
  13. Photograph Wildlife
  14. Swim in a lake
  15. Watch a sunrise