Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Virginia Beach

The only time I've been to the Atlantic Ocean was when Joshua and I took the train from Central Station to Long Island in 2001. Back then I was stinking skinny. I was playing club soccer and other random soccer leagues, practicing 4 times and playing two full games (80-90 minutes) a week. Now, I'm fat. I play no soccer and pretty much do nothing at all during the week.

Spring is knocking at the door, begging me to do something about my weight. Back in 2001, I weighed 165 lbs and now I am pushing around 225. I need to act upon these simple desires to cut the fat. I understand there is no way I'll be able to maintain a 165 skinnyness unless I start playing 10+ hours of soccer a week, but I can shoot for a healthier, more maintanable, 190-195.

My goal is to be at the 195ish mark by Virginia Beach, July 5th. That means 30-ish lbs in three and a half months. Not too drastic if I don't say so myself. This should be a lot of fun and very challenging at the same time.

The motivation for making this decision comes from a combination of revelations I've had over the past couple of weeks/months. I was worn out while skiing, I am not about to fit comfortably in some of my clothing, and I am definately not as flexible as I should be. I want to make these changes so that I am healthier and am not restricted by my physical ability to do things any more. I want to be able to play soccer and ski the slopes not worrying about whether or not I will kill myself if I take a spill or get hit by a 250lbs defender.

I've started running on a sparatical basis. That will need to change, I need to run atleast three times a week for atleast 45 minutes each time. I need to start cutting back in my intake of nasty stuff. Yes, that include my favorite Dr. Pepper. I should adopt Dave's motto "I don't drink my calories." I also need to start a strength workout. I have the medicine ball, I have plenty of room for using it. I even remember my old torso workouts from soccer. There really is nothing holding me back from completing this goal (except for the fact that I'm lazy, but I will be praying about it).

There are people who try to do something physical every day. I like that idea, I think I might adopt it. Tonight, I am hoping to run 5 miles in 45 minutes. This weekend, I plan to go hiking.

Dr. Pepper, I will miss you. You have been a great friend. It is time, however, to move on and demote our relationship to the "acquaintance" level.


MagenRanae said...

Ok, so I know you wrote this a long time ago, but school got so crazy, and now that I'm on a break for a while, I thought I'd catch up on my blog reading! I'm totally praying that you will have the results you're looking's a worthy goal. Micah and I are trying ourselves! Let me know how it's been going (if you haven't already...i might read something in your more recent blog posts that tells me!)