Sunday, January 14, 2007

Well the 4th of January, I helped my sister Rachel (two years younger than me) move to Texas. Her husband, Brent is in the army and they have a toddler boy who will be 2 years old January 25. They are stationed in Killeen, TX at Fort Hood - and it is a really crazy, busy town! Anyways here are a few pics from the move.

My sisters Ruth (left), Rachel (middle) and me (right) had a lot of fun riding down in my Jeep. Since there were only 3 of us, we were able to spread out! Notice that I am driving during the picture :)

My sister Rachel - isn't she cute?

This is their new kitchen. They have a town house that is 2 levels and they also have an unfinished basement. The house has really nice wood floors and 1 1/2 baths. It also has a fenced in back yard for their German Shepherd, Greta. They live on base, which is a new thing for them.

This is their living room area, it is actually cut off by the picture - it extends to the right. The house is really pretty spacious!

I just had to put this one up - I think it's hilarious! Greta, the dog is sleeping on one of our freind's bed they had made to go to bed. She was really quiet about it too so no one noticed for a while!

Ruth and I took pictures on the way back to Kansas with a fairly full Jeep.

Ruth, Me, Josh Armfeild. I have known Josh for about 9 years or so. We asked if he could come along to provide muscle, and he was very gracious.

This was the whole group that helped move them down.

Raub (my freind), Rachel, Me, Brent (in back), Josh (in front), Ruth, Jodie (my brother)

This trip was fun, but sad! The month of January this year marks most of my siblings moving away.

Rachel moved to Texas where she and her husband are stationed for the army.

Jodie my brother just left for basic training (army) on January 10th - he'll be in training for about 4 months and then probably sent to Iraq.

Ruth graduated from highschool (Topeka West) after this past fall semester and is moving to Iola, KS to attend Allen County Community College on a soccer scholarship - I am really excited for her to get early college credit that can transfer to any major university:)

Me and my brother Jamie will be the only kids left in Topeka/Lawrence area. It's sad because I don't know when we'll all be together again - but I guess that's life. I am going to take this opportunity to hang out with Jamie.

Ruth (17), Jodie (19), Reagan (23), Jamie (13), Rachel (21)


Rachel said...

I like the wheelchair in the kitchen shot!

Thank you so much for helping us...we couldn't have done it without you!

I'm also thankful that my kitchen doesn't look like that anymore! Moving is awful.

I love you!

dave & rachel said...

Yeah, I was wondering about the wheelchair. Who's was that?

So sorry all your siblings are moving away...I know how it feels to live far away from family. No fun.

Reagan said...

that wheel chair was for brent when he got injured in september