Thursday, January 18, 2007

Phoenix Arizona

I was given the opportunity to travel to Phoenix, Arizona, last week. I had never been to arizona before. The office has a conference they go to twice a year, this year one was in the state of the painted desert.

Arizona impressed me. There were things I've never seen before. Saguaro cactuses and a new neighborhood with homes in the low millions. Talk about a bargain.

The conference was located in a resort called 'The Boulders.' At about 300 bucks a night, we opted to stay off campus. I'm glad we did, I was able to see more of Phoenix. Besides, why should I stay at a golf resort when I don't know how to golf?

Phoenix impressed me with the amount of detail people put into landscaping. Everything, I mean everything was decorated, painted and groomed. Check out this shopping center:

It was just a standard shopping center. Seriously, everything in Phoenix is decorated, even all of the overpasses were sculpted, each one unique with a custom design. In Kansas, we don't have anything like this. I thought it was rather impressive. But, when in the desert, what else are they going to look at?

We also took a chance to visit Arizona State University (Go Sundevils!). Campus, like everything else is rather pretty and sculpted. Their football stadium is almost as big as arrowhead.

One more photo of a cactus for the road.


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dave & rachel said...

No mention of the weather??


Jeremiah said...

It rained off and on while we were there.

As the bus driver put it, "It only rains in Arizona five days a year. Looks like you get to see all of them."

Scott and Lynn said...

Scott is in Arizona right now. He always says how beautiful it is there in the desert - I just don't see it - maybe you have to experience it firsthand!