Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Temporary Apartment

I'm not sure how long we'll live here but my initial impression is that I could stay till after our baby is born. That's a great weight lifted after finding out a couple days ago that we would be living in a two bedroom rather than a three bedroom. We got here and Jere looked at me and said "I knew it would be okay. We could make a tent work.". True, but this a 100% better for this stage in life. ;-). Ruth has her own bedroom connected to a hall bath with a huge closet. The living area is nice and the best part is that my bedroom has its own TV, bathroom and walk in closet. The closet is almost as big as the kids old bedroom so guess what?! It's their new bedroom! No windows for dark sleep, in our room close to mama and a fan for moving air. Perfect. Also five minutes from Target. Yea-ya.

 Welcome to our apartment.
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Jessie said...

Awesome. It looks great-nice a roomy.The kitchen looks really great and I love that the kids are in the closet :) love you guys so glad you can relax and enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

SWEET! You settled in well.

If you're talking about the Redmond Target, I think we spent most of our free time and extra money there when we first settled in the area. We still like to drive down and shop there cuz it's bigger than our Target.


Reagan said...

Jessie- it does feel really spacious right now. Not sure if it'll still feel that way when a few of our things get here but it's great for a couple months.

Mindy- it IS the Redmond target. And actually Jere said he found an even faster way to get there