Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boy Nap Time


The blanket that Jessie made for my baby boy is perfect into toddler hood. Honestly sometimes I cuddle under it too. He's having a harder time than Ensley on this trip but that's because he's like me. I get grumpy, then angry then I get crazy and start screaming. The toddler version is much more volatile.

He perks up when we give him one on one attention and he loves finding rocks with his daddy to save and look at in the car. When he's tired he's been asking me to rub his legs and then he's out. He's just so sensitive and I'm trying to love him through his frustrated emotional times because he needs that more than anything. He's my big boy and I love him so much.


Jessie said...

I love seeing him cuddling with his blanket :)
I am so glad you are aware of how he 'ticks' so you can help during this hard transition. We will be praying for him. Love you all.