Saturday, November 14, 2009


Well, Jere left today for Los Angeles. This past week, in anticipation for a week alone I made a list of projects I've had on my mind. My goal is to get a lot of them done while he's gone. I've already gotten a lot done! I started this past Thursday by spray painting a bunch some things because the weather was good and I knew it would probably be the last chance to spray paint. Today I put Brighton's room together and organized some existing shelves in there. I hope to post pictures soon!

So far I have completed nine things on my project list.
  1. Knit a scarf. (Got done last week)
  2. Go through Brighton's clothes.
  3. Organize Brighton's room.
  4. Print pictures for Jodie, Mary's parents and picture frames.
  5. Spray paint crib.
  6. Spray paint modern chair arms.
  7. Spray paint small dresser.
  8. Spray paint child's rocking chair.
  9. Set up printer.

This week, I hope to get a lot of this list done.
  1. Knit Brighton mittens & hat.
  2. Sew pillow cases for wicker love seat.
  3. Make slip cover for arm chair. (Ruth reminded me of this on her blog! I saw it a while back and have always wanted to try it. Thanks for the reminder :) )
  4. Cut & sew a hole into white winter outfit for Brighton (carseat buckle hole) or make legs.
  5. Re-cover "modern" chair.
  6. Hang Jere's paintings on main wall in living room.
  7. Re-cover head board with a shower curtain.


Lynn said...

Good plan, Reagan! I try to get projects done while Scott is on the road, too... although it looks like you've already been more successful than I tend to be! :o)

Nice you got the spray-painting done since the weather is cold and rainy now!