Monday, November 30, 2009

4 Months Old

  • He got his first virus/fever episode right after he turned 3 months old. Poor kid.
  • Whenever Jere or aunt Ruthie sticks their tongue out, Brighton does it too.
  • He's been following people, sounds and his binki with his eyes A LOT.
  • If I'm watching a movie, he'll watch it too.
  • He cried practically the whole way home from Denver on the trip I took with Ruth about two weeks ago. He would be crying so I would pull over to check on him and as soon as I would get into the back, he would stop crying and smile at me. Sweet and frustrating at the same time! He was ready to be done with his car seat.
  • He's been sucking his tongue lately. He does this when he doesn't have his binki - weird!
  • He's been sucking his hand and getting whatever clothing he's wearing all wet. Sometimes he opts to suck his fingers over his binki or even when he's nursing! I have to remind him to stay on task...
  • Loud noises scare him a lot.
  • Being in the dark scares him if he's startled and doesn't recognize who he's with.

  • Poor guy has had a stuffy nose for a while now but there was no snot till just recently.
  • I rearranged his room. I painted his crib white and his dresser green. I organized his clothes and all the bins underneath his changing table.
  • Jere says that if Brighton is fussy and he touches his toes then he stops making noises. I haven't tried this yet...
  • He likes to grab onto things - especially hair! His tiny little hands will grab onto my skin and pinch me and it hurts so bad because he can get the tiniest little piece of skin and squeeze SO tightly!
  • He smiles at us a ton and it's a lot of fun for us to interact with him.
  • Whenever I change his diaper I sing a song to him that I made up and for some reason he seems to like it a lot because he will smile and even giggle sometimes.
  • He is giggling at us more and more. I can't wait till it's a full out laugh!
  • He has found his voice as of last week. Sometimes he'll be talking and other times he's started whining! Greeaat. We love listening to him talk to us though, it's such a sweet sound.
  • He has become more interactive with his toys, really grabbing at them and even starting to chew on them.
  • He still loves taking bathes and recently, he's started splashing in the bath. I will rest his head on my shins so he's floating freely and he'll start splashing. He splashes himself in the face, catches his breath and does it again. After a while, he started looking up at me up-side-down and smiling while doing it :)
  • He isn't sitting up by himself but will stay up for short amounts of time if the boppy is behind him. He has fallen forward.
  • He plays in the exersaucer regularly now even though his feet don't quite touch the bottom.
  • He has not rolled over which seems to be the next milestone but he is continuously getting stronger pushing up on his arms and looking around.
  • He was sleeping through the night until about two weeks ago when he started getting up around 4:30am off and on.
  • The last few nights, he has gotten up in the middle of the night to eat. Not sure if this is a growth spurt or something I'm going to have change by making more of a schedule.
  • He has been fighting me when it's time to go to sleep. Sometimes he doesn't want to cuddle so I'll put him in his bed and he does go to sleep. Other times he doesn't want to cuddle and he doesn't want to fall asleep on his own so I make him lay down and he will finally give it up and fall asleep.
  • I have to watch how many layers he's wearing because he gets hot easily and gets very upset if he's too hot.


MagenRanae said...

I have been enjoying reading your lists!

lanes said...

Me too! That's so great that you're documenting all of his progress as he's growing. I'm sure you'll enjoy looking back at this in the future!

Rachel Whitten said...

such a handsome boy!

Anonymous said...

a realy nice and growing up lucky boy. Greetings from Vienna to your young family
bless you
Ingrid, Matthias the new stepfahter from Mirjam .-) and Mirjam - only 7 month in the start postion to spent one year in USA.