Friday, October 30, 2009

3 Months Old

This month Brighton has grown and changed in a lot of ways.

  • He is consistently wearing 6 month clothes now. (mostly because of his diaper) They are a tiny bit too big, but better than wearing clothes that are too small.
  • He weighed 14 lbs 12 oz. a couple days after his birthday.
  • He smiles at me all the time at Jere and I and is now talking to me a whole lot more as well.
  • He has been sleeping through the night since he was 10.5 weeks old. His pattern has been to sleep from about 11pm till somewhere between 7:45-9am. He usually sleeps for a couples hours in the morning, afternoon and evening as well.
  • A little before he turned 3 months old, I offered him a Nuk pacifier and he seems to like it better than the soothie pacifier he's sucked since he was born. It reminds me of when my little brother Jamie used to suck the same kind.
  • I bought him some rings to hang from his car seat handle about a month ago and he immediately grabbed them to hit and hang onto them.
  • He holds his head very well and is pushing himself up so he can look around while on his belly.
  • He's losing hair on the sides of his head A LOT, I think from sleeping on his tummy. He's also had a strip of hair missing on the back of his head for while. Probably from laying on his back during the day and being in the car seat.
  • He celebrated his first Halloween the day after his three month birthday. He was dressed up as a "Pea in a Pod".
  • I bought him an excersaucer and his feet don't touch the platform yet but he'll sit in there for short amounts of time and look around.
  • He is spitting up significantly less now. So significantly less that when he spits up a large amount, I wonder what's wrong.
  • He is getting his first tooth! I saw a little white bud in his mouth when he was almost 13 weeks old (just a few days before his official 3 month birthday). Monday and Tuesday he was acting weird and not sleeping well during the day. Wednesday was better but in the afternoon he was having some trouble and I noticed the white dot in his mouth. It all sort of came together then, when I realized what was happening
  • I think he likes to sleep with his socks off. It's a strange thing but when he's laying down and I take his socks off, he stops making noise and falls asleep...
  • When he's nursing he seems to be a lot more social. Instead of focusing, he'll stop to look at me. I'll look down and realize he's been smiling at me for a while.
  • He still loves bathes. The other day I had the ducky in the bath with him and was making quacking noises while moving the duck in front of him. Every time I did it, he would laugh and make a "he he" noise. After his bath (which I usually take with him)he sits in his tub while I finish taking a shower and waits SO patiently.
  • Lately if he's tired, he'll start acting like it so I try to cuddle him. But sometimes it seems like whatever arm he's laying on, he wants the other arm and calms down once I switch him.
  • He is continuing to be strong while standing up in my lap and looking around as well as sitting in my lap.


Lynn said...

Today I saw a baby t-shirt that said

Do you think my diaper makes me look fat?

I wanted to but one for Brighton but they only had pink!

Reagan said...

too bad! that would have been so funny and sad at the same time. he does have a big booty.