Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 Months Old

Today Brighton turned two months old. I could have taken his picture at 4:33am this morning (the time he was born) but I thought my eyes should probably be open to take his pic, instead of closed...

  • He is 50% in head size, height and weight.
  • His schedule is to sleep, eat/poop, stay awake for a little bit and sleep again. Just like a normal baby!
  • This pic was taken in a 6-9 month wunzie - his diapers take up a lot of trunk space, he really has such a little booty.
  • He took his first family weekend trip with us over Labor Day weekend to Wichita, KS where he met both sets of great-grand-parents on Jere's side.
  • He spits up several times after he eats and if I'm not careful it'll get down my whole body.
  • Just recently I tried laying him on his belly to sleep and he seems to like it.
  • At 8 weeks old he weighed 12.02 lbs.
  • I spike his hair into a little faux hawk and everyone loves it.
  • He is okay with tummy time now but does make little noises in protest.
  • He's been eating about every three hours recently although today he seems to be eating every TWO hours!
  • Most people tell me he looks like Jere and that might be true but we're still not really sure. He has a lot of the same features as Jere - One being a little cleft in his chin.
  • He holds his head up really well now. I keep my hand behind it just in case he loses control but overall he can hold it up and look at us.
  • He likes to stand up so I will hold his belly while he's in front of me and he looks so grown up standing on my lap bouncing his knees and holding his head so well.
  • His little wrists have this defined area where his arm fat meets his hand and it's so cute. It almost looks a little painful but it's proof that he's chubbing up.
  • He coos and smiles at and the sound he makes the most sounds something like "agoo".
  • He's becoming more social and smiles at me quite a bit - especially when he's about to eat.
  • We are using cloth diapers and wipes exclusively now. He hasn't had a diaper rash and I hope he never does.
  • Whenever I change his diaper I lift his butt up using my left hand to lift his right leg and when I put the wet wipe on his butt he makes these little noises like "ohh that's cold" and kind of grunts too.
  • He still doesn't seem to be upset if he has a dirty diaper - only for gas, hunger and tiredness. Of course I change him whenever he eats so it might not ever be an issue...
  • He's still having trouble with gas after he eats as well as spitting up. A lot of times I will put him to bed because he is sleepy only to have to pick him up and burp him because I can tell he's uncomfortable. Most times he doesn't cry, it's just that he moves around so much making little noises, I can tell he's not sleeping and that he's having trouble.
  • I try to send a picture everyday to family members who can receive pictures on their phones and they love it. Uncle Jamie says "it helps me with the ladies" and Grandpa Charlie says "where's my pic today?" if I haven't sent one yet. Aunt Rachel always has a nice comment about the pictures I send and she loves little Brighton a lot.
  • He still loves baths and I love washing him and putting sweet smelling lotion on him when it's done.


Jessie said...

He is a cutie :)
my boys have been tummy babies practically since birth-it's fun how all babies are different.

Shawna said...

awww, he is adorable!

You are such a good mom keeping track of all this info!

bandanachick said...


Lynn said...

Oh - Jamie is hilarious! I've seen guys at the mall with strollers trying to get girls to notice them... maybe Jamie should borrow Brighton for an afternoon!

Marcie said...

What a little cutie! Landon was a spitter-upper too. Loved all the updates.

Rachel said...

I know - I love that you are recording all this stuff. I need to do it too!