Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Newborn

Things we have said over and over again in the last week:

"You are SOO sweet and special"

"Reagan, our boy is so gorgeous!"

"Do you have some issssuuues?" (referring to Brighton letting us know when he needs changed, is hungry or his main issue which is needing to be burped.

"Tell me about your issues."

"You are just a poopin' pooper!"

"God bless you!" (Brighton sneezes A LOT. One of the first things he did after being born was sneeze like 3-4 times...)

"You are SO cute!"

"What is your baby deal?"

When Brighton doesn't have one of the "issue's" listed above, he just lays there and looks around. I hope this demeanor continues as he gets older. He is so easy going! I am just planning on soaking it all up and if he gets fussy in the future I'll deal with it then :)

The last two days he's gained a total of 7 oz. Yesterday his weight was 7lb 3oz so I am almost positive he's back up to his birth weight and more today! He's growing so fast and I feel so fortunate to be able to stay home with him and spend that time soaking it all in and raising our son.


Jessie said...

:) reminds me of Ben-he was so easy going and only cried when he was hungry :)
So glad things are going well for you-children are such a blessing.

Rachel said...

love that - it is such a precious time those first few weeks with a new baby!

Rachel Whitten said...

Hehe I love all the sayings. We all know there will be many more, and they will become more and more strange as Brighton gets older. I love all of his pictures!