Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brighton Justus

Our baby boy is 1 week old and I have been loving every minute of it with him. We have so many pictures and so much has already happened in his little life that I can only put up a few to describe it. First off, Shawna gave us these peel and stick numbers to take a picture for every month he gets older. I am settling for doing this first one on his 1 week birthday instead of the day he was born.

Let's start back from the beginning and glance a few pictures. This is the "aahhhh we have a baby and he was just born 5 hours ago" photo. :)

My sister Rachel assisted me while I was in labor and she helped get him dressed after his first bath with me.

Our new daddy.

Baby Brighton in his little outfit ready to go home. I was cracking up at how big it was on him.

After we got home Thursday at 9:30am everything was great. We had visitors on and off and both my mom and Jere's mom hung around helping for most of the day. They were so excited to meet they're new grandson! I need to sit down and think about each of those days individually and write it down because Thursday and Friday are a blur to me but Saturday was our 48 hour check up at the Birth and Women's Center where Brighton was born. That's when our midwife sent in some blood to be tested for his biliruben levels and they came back at 16. 9. We had gone into the birth center at 10am and ended up taking a nap and staying for most of the day while our midwife was doing office work. We left at around 4:30-5pm. The next day (Sunday) we went back at 1pm to take some more blood and find out what his levels were doing and it came back that his biliruben levels were up to 19.1. It was suggested by our pediatrician's on call doctor that we go into the hospital for 24-48 hours so he could be under lights to help break down the biliruben toxins and we agreed that it would be the best thing.

We went into the hospital around 5pm Sunday August 2nd and got discharged Monday the 3rd at 5pm. Thankfully it was only 24 hours! Everytime they took more blood to test his levels they came back lower and we were hopeful from the start that we would not have to stay more than 24 hours. Upon discharge the count was 11.4 down from 19.1 the day before which was a significant drop.

Jere was cracking me taking all sorts of photos in our room. This is my absolute favorite. Kinda like "hello little guy" ::tap tap tap:: "you okay in there?". If you can't tell, the photo is taken from inside the isolette or incubator that Brighton laid in for about 3/4 of the time.

Little boy had to wear these foam goggles to protect his eyes and he really didn't mind them. He was asleep in the isolette most of the time anyways.

So now it's Thursday and he's a week old and we've been adjusting to just being normal and getting used to nursing and being a family. Jere had been planning on going back to work today but thankfully decided to stay home and cherish this time with his newborn instead. And what a sweet newborn he is. I feel so thankful that he is so easy to take care of. I don't have much experience with taking care of new babies 24 hours a day but Brighton seems to be pretty easy going. We love him so much!

Out for our first family shopping trip. (of which he slept the whole time)

Hanging out naked with dad.

Just being cute.

I love this picture because it makes him look so chubby when in real life he isn't! He is a little bean pole and although he is gaining weight very rapidly, he's only just now almost back to his birth weight. I'm taking him to be weighed tomorrow and I'm thinking he'll be past it then.

I posted my sister's version of my labor and delivery and here's a link to it. Birth Story


April Nienhuis said...

Congratulations again! He's so cute. Love those squished up sleeping lips.

Anonymous said...

Cute pics! Congrats to you both! Laura (Rachel's mom)

Jessie said...

Love the pictures-he is a handsome man.

Rachel said...

Those are great pictures! So glad he's home.

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

so sweet! congrats on your little blessing! :)

Lynn said...

Oh, I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing! I love his lips :o) so cute!!! You guys are going to be incredible parents!

Eryn said...

what precious pictures. he is adorable. so glad he is doing better and everyone is doing well.