Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Kitchen

Jere worked really hard on installing our countertops, putting in new plumbing and disposal for our sink and many other things. The end result is a kitchen I love! I want to thank God, Jere, my hormones etc. for getting this kitchen to the point of being usable and functioning...

This picture may not seem like much but it's such a huge part of our kitchen. It's a flooring transition piece from wood to tile. It's the little things that blow me away...

This is the vanity that I painted and put feet on. We cut the counter to fit the cabinet because the depth is not a standard counter top depth. It's perfect for the spot though because it's in a semi tight hallway area which leads you to the back part of the kitchen.

Here, you can see the feet better.

Because we cut the counter top short to fit the depth of the cabinet, we had to be creative about the backsplash. It doesn't match the other counters but since this area is a little different we decided it was okay that the back splash wouldn't match the other ones. Jere cut a piece of trim and mitered the edges. I really like it.

If you walk by the vanity through the semi tight hallway area you can see the pantry. Everything is all put away and organized :)

This is one of two light fixtures that I bought 1 year ago from this past spring give or take a year or so. Basically they've been sitting in our attic ready to be in our kitchen but we've had other things to do...Including but not limited to: getting pregnant and waiting till I'm seven months pregnant to install it.

This is the view of our kitchen from the entry point. (I call it "the front part of the kitchen")

Jere installed a new to us sink that I bought for $30 off of craigslist as well as this faucet I found on for $56 with free shipping. The faucet gave us some water pressure issues at first but it's better now.

While messing with the sink install and removal we discovered some issues with our disposal. One issue was that it was nasty and old. Another issue was that the guy at Home Depot told us the existing disposal was made specifically for mobile homes. So we decided to buy a new one. I am so glad we did. I love it.

This is the area on your right as you enter the kitchen. Jere installed the cabinet on the far left that I found at Restore and painted white. He built the center shelf out of wood that I found at the Restore and painted white. He put up the bead board behind it all and installed that counter which houses our dishwasher.

This is our dishwasher. We found it on the curb at our friend's house and stole it away in the night...Once again, I am in love.

This is my favorite photo because it seems so cozy to me. I love our kitchen because it has storage space now and matching counters and COUNTER SPACE in general! All the trim is put in and while I still have a few spots to touch up with paint, WE'RE DONE!

Jere hung a hook for my apron as the nail that I tapped into the wall wasn't good enough...and if you like it, click here to find more cute things.


Rachel Whitten said...

It looks AWESOME, and so cozy! I'm so proud of you guys!

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is beautiful!
Phyllis Nienhuis