Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Shelving

I'm gonna try to post progress photos of our kitchen instead of just the finished product and this is one of them! Jere just put up the cabinet on the left as well as that shelf in the middle. We're going to add shelves to it but for now, it's up.

This is a good shot of the dishwasher end panels he installed on Saturday as well as the dishwasher he brought up from the basement and the counter we picked up too. The dishwasher is not currently working because of a small leak but I'll be ordering the part soon enough. Doesn't it look so good even though it's not finished?! It was Jere's idea to put up the bead board as a background and I'm glad we did. It's also the backing for the shelving that will go up soon. There is existing bead board behind the sink so it matches nicely:)

I am currently failing at quashing feelings of anxiety about finishing everything before the baby is here but I'm trying to have faith that it'll get done.


Shawna said...

Looks great, and I LOVE that countertop!

Rachel said...

Your countertop looks awesome! I cannot wait to come over and see it all.