Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kitchen Update

Sooo my house is full of stuff. Jere and I decided to finish our house and the kitchen is first. June 21st we will own our house for two years and while it's livable, it's not done. We decided to gut it about a month after we bought it and the only area that is truly finished are the windows. The trim is done and windows installed. When I come close to despairing, I remember my windows. So this is the state of our living room/dining room and although it's a mess, I remember a messier time - So I can handle this right now.

I moved a few things out of the kitchen so that we could be ready to work on it soon and I thought I would show some pictures of the few things I've collected this week from a Habitat for Humanity place called "Re-Store" and where they'll go in the kitchen.

This is the back part of our kitchen. I had a desk I used in college holding some Pyrex dishes, pots/pans and random things I didn't have room for in the main part of the kitchen. I bought some shelves and brackets from Re-Store and the total was about $4! They need to be sanded and painted.
I added some shelving to show you how it'll end up looking kinda. This is pretty rudimentary but helps me picture it a little better.
This is the second area I am changing. If we were to sell or rent this place there needs to be permanent fixtures. That has been at the forefront of my mind. So I found a cabinet which is actually a bathroom vanity but I plan to paint it and possibly add feet to it so that the floor will show underneath and raise it 4"-6". There are three areas that need new counter tops and this is one of them.

This is kinda what it'll look like after we've installed it. Of course it needs paint and a new counter top and feet but whatever. Total for this cabinet was $5.99

This is the third area that we're updating a lot. I have a dishwasher sitting in the basement, shelving for next to the microwave that I bought this week and a 9" cabinet to fit between the dishwasher and stove. Jere is going to lower the upper cabinet and microwave. Scroll down to see my preliminary image. Total for this area this week was about $3.
The total I spent was $14 for all this and although I have to sand and paint all of it, I consider it to be SO worth it.


HopiQ said...

I am SO impressed, Reagan! That is incredible! It is going to look gorgeous.

Shawna said...

looks awesome girl! Love that restore! Can't wait to see it all come together. Do you have a countertop sample to show us?

Brooke said...

That sounds like an awesome store! Wish we had one of those!!!