Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Life right now

Today I am 19 weeks.

Today was really good all around even though a few things happened that I could have been upset about.

  1. I had a dentist appointment this morning. I love it when my teeth feel all clean after the hygenists do their thing.
  2. I thought ahead and went to Pita Pit for dinner so I wouldn't be starving while I shopped.
  3. I went to CVS in Lawrence and got two of the free things this week and rolled a few ECB's.
  4. I took my phone, which I dropped in the toilet today to the Sprint store. The guy said he would look at it after telling me that he's not supposed to handle phones that have been submerged in water. Hopefully he can salvage part of it so I don't have to buy a new phone.
  5. I went to Aldi, did my shopping and got home a little after 7pm. A very successful night indeed. I decided that when I need to go grocery shopping, I'll do it before I leave Lawrence so that I don't have to head all the way to the other side of town in Topeka. I found it saved a lot of time tonight!
  6. I had the energy after running errands to straighten up the house and get the dishes done. YES!

18 weeks

19 weeks (my belly has shrunk this week...not sure why)


Brooke said...

My belly would "shrink" some weeks too when I was pregnant. It was usually because she had rotated to a different position, so I just didn't look as big.

You're looking great! Are you going to find out if it's a boy or girl, or be surprised?

Reagan said...

Thanks Brooke that makes sense as to why I would look smaller. That's the first thing Jere said when he took the pic "you look smaller!" Our ultrasound is actually this Friday (6th). We ARE finding out what it is!

Melodi said...

I miss you! :)
You're looking great!

Rachel said...

You are so cute! I wish my belly would shrink. :)

Can't wait to hear what you're having!

Eryn said...

sometimes a smaller or larger belly has to do when you have last eaten. i alway looked and felt bigger after a meal.
you look great and i look forward to finding out what you are having!