Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting Back Into CVS

I haven't really been shopping at CVS...since before we left for our trip to Europe...last June. After we got back from our trip, I found it hard to get back into into clipping coupons and making the trip out to the store. The last major trip I made was when there were a whole bunch of free items for the day after Thanksgiving sale. That was pretty good and I ended up spending the $40 that I made on toilet paper when they were going to expire in December. My point in posting this is to say that I went last night and spent $13.38 to get back into rolling extra care bucks and looking for deals. I got back $14 so I didn't think that was too bad for getting back into it. I am excited about and I hope I keep getting encouraged like I was last night.

So I realized after taking the picture with my phone that I got an extra body wash somehow. I went back to the counter to ask them why I wasn't credited my extra bucks for the body wash and brought an extra pink body wash with me in case the coconut one wasn't part of the deal. They must have lost track and put the extra one in my bag by accident...So here's how my trip went. I am sure you're so interested...
  • Got a $5/$30 printed on the little red machine when I scanned my card.
  • Bought the items in the picture AND two Neutrogena items, thinking they would be part of a deal. They weren't.
  • Bought three body washes and didn't get the extra bucks.
  • Went back and asked them about the extra bucks for the body wash and returned the Neutrogena items.
So really, it worked towards my advantage because the items I returned got my total above $30 so I could use my coupon. I got back $9 from the return but if the deal had worked like I thought it would, I would have gotten $10 from spending that $9. So it would have worked either way but I felt pretty good about it!

P.S. Anyone need/like Colgate toothpaste? Jere hates it and refuses to use it. I'll give it to you or trade for Crest :)