Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Last Day

Today is my last day at my current job location. I am a consultant for an architecture company and the contract is ending between the two company's I have been working with. I've known for about three weeks that I would be finishing my time here at the end of January and it's passed pretty quickly.

Here's the story...My boss here on location asked if we could chat. We went into the cafeteria area and chatted and I could tell something was up. He said he was going to have to end the contract due to several reasons but the main one being the economy. I was a little surprised but then again not really surprised at all. I felt an immediate peace about the situation and knew that God had a plan. I knew from the time that I was first hired for this job that when it was time to leave it would all work out and that God was in complete control of the situation. He told me that he had spoken with my boss at the architecture firm to make sure I would have a job there and although he felt really bad about having to end it said that he was assured I would still have a job. After he told me all this and we talked about some other details, I let him know that I was so impressed with how God's plan was coming into play. I told him that I am pregnant and that I was planning to stay home with the baby. I had been worried about how everything would come together and if they would need to hire someone to take my place, and how long before I left they would need to do that so I could train said person etc. I had a few situations running through my mind. I wasn't sure when to tell my work either. My boss acknowledged that things seemed to be aligning and I just felt really good about the situation.

Later that afternoon, my boss from the architecture firm came to meet me and we discussed the change. Here's the part where I was completely amazed...My boss had been planning this year to hire another designer and a few months ago they offered the job to an intern who has been there on and off for a few years while she is finishing school. The morning my boss knew she was going to come talk to me, the intern had emailed saying she would accept the position. My boss explained to me that she was accepting the position and if hired, would start work on June 1, 2009. She mentioned that she would just have to let the intern know what was happening. That she would not be able to hire her because I needed a job instead. I was immediately excited. I told my boss that I was pregnant and she was so excited for me...she started crying! I explained to her that I was planning to stay at home after the baby will be born so this would work out really well. The intern would still be able to accept the position and I could have a job until the summer. My last day is June 1st and I will have a little time to really get ready for the baby to be here. Coincidentally, a few weeks before this happened, I had tallied how many paychecks I would get until June 1st a couple weeks prior to finding out this situation.

So here is the last mobile upload from my current workplace. The requisite drawing plans in the background and bad lighting with a maze of cubicle offices to run through. I will miss the people here and I can honestly say that this has been a good experience but I am so glad that God is in control and knows where I am headed next.


Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing! It's always wonderful to see how the Lord is orchestrating things and working out details in a way that we weren't even aware! Praise the Lord all the details are coming together smoothly!!

Lynn said...

I love the way the Lord works all these things out! I am so excited you get to stay home with the baby. What a blessing that has been in my life =). Have a great trip!!!

Marcie said...

Wow Reagan! That is so exciting how the Lord truly works everything out. Praise the Lord!

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

gotta love it when timing works out in a way that shows so clearly how God has it all planned. :)

Anonymous said...

God is super fly! It's cool when we can really recognize Him for his awesomeness.

I love your positive attitude and trust in His perfect plan! Love you...happy moving!

Amanda O.