Tuesday, September 2, 2008

redbox movie rentals

Jere and I rented a couple movies from redbox last night and so far we like it. We picked up chinese food and our redbox movie at Hyvee. Before we left the house I looked up movie codes and got our DVD for free! Apparently there are free codes every week.

If you're here in Topeka, the locations are:
  • North Wal-Mart on Rochester rd.

  • South Wal-Mart on 37th st.

  • New Hyvee on 29th st.

Click here to find a location near you!

The only catch for renting through redbox that I find cumbersome is having to return the DVD before 7pm (could be 9pm too) the next evening. For me that means making the trip after work or I guess we could do it right after we finish watching it... :)
Logo taken from the redbox website.


Karen Ruth said...

You can sign up on their website to receive texts every Monday and Wednesday for free movie codes. Sure, you would have to watch them during the week, but hey! It's free!

lanes said...

I have been wanting to try out this Hyvee renting business, so it makes me happy to see that you were pleased with your experience!

Ren said...

i just heard about it up here in IN. Except they have them at McDonalds. I didn't know they were at other places.