Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Official - Fall IS Here

I declare that today is the first day of fall. I walked out of my house and it felt cold. Not slightly chilly or a little windy. It was inherently cold and it felt good.

The other night, Jer (pronounced "Jare" because I feel the need to shorten his nickname) were watching the movie "August Rush" which came out last fall and was recommended to us by his sister Resa...last fall. I was a little skeptical about how a movie about music guiding a little boy would turn out - but it's a great movie. I liked it. Any how, in the movie one of the main characters dresses so comfy looking in faded jeans and sweaters and leather jackets. Jer and I were both instantly "Ooh I like that" Now how do you go about dressing your man on a self induced limited budget that has style and class and is something he'll actually like? Maybe what we want is just that casual "play your guitar in a park in New York City" look...Hmm
All this to say, that it's fall
and I want cute fall clothes for me and my guy
so we can sit outside looking fun and fashionable
while being casual.
Look hunny - a forced rhyme. ; )

Note: I like this movie but I don't recommend movies. If you watch it and think "what was that girl thinking...I hate her" don't blame me, I didn't recommend it. If you watch it and like it, let me know. :)


Jessie said...

Oh, I thought it looked good in reviews-we will have to check it out.
How to get your guy to dress like that....??? Let me know when you figure it out :)

bandanachick said...

I saw that movie last Spring. I don't like to recommend movies either, but I'd say it was good, not great. I have always really liked Keri Russel, who plays the mom, so she is the reason I picked up the movie in the first place.
Oh, and I liked the way he dressed too...good luck with that. :)

April said...

Yeah for fall! I'm so ready for the cooler weather and new fall clothes.

I'd forgotten about this movie, it's one of the few I've wanted to see. Thanks for the reminder.

lanes said...

I enoyed August Rush, too. It's pretty precious! And I do love Kerri Russell a lot.

Oh, and you know there's always cool thrift stores for cheap clothes, ya just gotta seek out the cool looking ones!

Resa Kemper said...

Well, well, I'm glad you liked the movie enough to blog about it. I'm still working on this whole blogging thing, and so far, I love it. Have you seen my blog?
just thought I'd let you know I started one.