Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Melaleuca Lotion

Let me just say that I have tried A LOT of lotions out there. I have eczema and sensitive skin and most days I have several tiny dry spots on my arms, stomach or legs. I had never been able to find a lotion that doesn't make my skin itch worse than it did before. I had never found a lotion able to moisturize my skin to the point where it actually started to HEAL. Most lotions I have tried would feel good at first and then give me more eczema bubbles, making my skin itch again. I have done hand mask peels in salons, soft hands with Mary Kay, and used dermatologist recommended lotions such as Cetaphil and others.
While some feel good in the beginning, I end up hating them later when the results are more eczema and an allergic reaction making my hands itch again. In fact everything I have tried ends up making it worse. Cortizone is the exception to the rule. I consider Cortizone to my be the "medecine" I use when eczema pops up, not something to use on a daily basis - although it's what I resorted to when I didn't have a good lotion to use.

"Renew" lotion by Melaleuca does everything I want it to. This is what it says right on the back of the bottle.

"Going beyond temporary moisturization, Renew delivers long-lasting relief from dry, rough, or irritated skin and uncomfortable chronic skin conditions. By helping your skin attract and retain more moisture, Renew heals, protects and prevents even the driest skin."

I consider it to be expensive: $15-$20 for a 20 OZ bottle depending on where you purchase it. The prices on Melaleuca's website seem reasonable compared to the places I have purchased it before. I was able to try this in my work place several years ago and bought some because I had seen results in a few short days with no side effects.

The only downside may be that it's a little greasy, but the results out perform my need for a less greasy option. I am really interested in trying their bath products such as body wash and bubble bath to see if it helps my skin before I even apply lotion. Water really dries me out...I am just not to sure about jumping in to spend TONS of money. Knowing that this lotion is worth it helps though.
Maybe it could work for you too?


April said...

Does the bottle indicate whether or not it's safe for all ages? The hydrocortisone is no longer doing much for Finn and we have to use the steroid cream way too often.

April said...

Oh, and Finn's eczema is moisture induced. Would you consider it to be "too moisturizing?"

Ren said...

thanks for sharing about that....i have such bad acne, i have to be careful for my skin, esp. my face. cetaphil works pretty well for me right now. hopefully it won't change b/c it's already costing me! sorry it doesn't work for you. I have never heard of melaleuca. yeh, i use the walgreens brand of cetaphil lotion for my face and hands and nite. it is a little greasy. Let me know if you decide to order more.