Saturday, August 9, 2008

We're back Home

After being gone from our house for the past 71 days we're back to "the palace" tonight. We had heard that our friends gave it this nickname and I've decided to keep it. Jere starts school soon and has two business trips before that and it just seemed like a smart thing to move back before all that happened.

Now that we're back I have some things that I want to do! Rearrange the furniture, just because and repurpose STUFF that is laying around the house. I love the idea of seeing something and figuring out what else it COULD be.

Here's a list of items bouncing around in my head AT ALL TIMES.
  1. Painting the T.V cabinet. Not sure what color - have any ideas? I should post a picture of it. It's not a bad color, it's just not my color.

  2. Spray painting my night stands black. Trying to figure out how to get around the rice paper. I am thinking I might just go for it (cover the white with tape) and then if too much black is on the white paper just ripping it off and gluing other paper on there. Probably something with a pattern.

  3. Hanging a fabric divider between my living room and dining room (maybe an organza material) I want it to be sheer and probably a color that contrasts with my a soft orange.

  4. Possibly covering one of my lampshades with said organza material to match. I've already done it once so I am assuming it wouldn't hurt to do it again!

  5. Hanging a sculpture my husband made last semester in school over our bed.

  6. Buying vinyl wall appliques and putting them up all over my house. I talked about those a few days ago...

  7. Building a corner cabinet in my dining room, possibly reusing the old builtins that came with the house.

  8. Ripping up all the grass and nasty bushes in our yard. Planting new grass. Planting flowers in front of our porch.

  9. Putting two pictures in frames I already have of my dog Lady. Lady passed away while we were gone in June and I haven't brought myself to do a post about her yet. The pictures will go next to the ones we have of Zephyr who died in February.

  10. Ideas for blogging.

  11. How to pay off our house faster. One way is to NOT buy vinyl wall stickers...

  12. Dragging myself to start shopping every week or so at CVS and Walgreens. I love it, I really do but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming!

  13. Mentally preparing myself to help Jere through school this next semester and FOCUSING on making his meals so that he doesn't have an excuse to come home. (he needs to stay on campus to study and get his homework done.)

  14. Running or doing some form of excercise everyday.

  15. Keeping myself level headed and happy because I have a good life. Why is it so hard to remember that sometimes?!


Karen Ruth said...

So, if Adam and I ever move out of married student housing into a real house...I know who I will be asking for help with projects! I am seriously amazed by all the things you have done and plan to do!