Monday, March 17, 2008

Dinner, Crafts and Paint

First off, I have been wanting to post this but just haven't. I repainted our living room last week thanks to the brilliant idea of my freind SRB. She suggested that I just take my paint back in and have them retint it. Thanks to the great idea of another brilliant freind, I might be changing light bulbs in my living room from CFL to something else. The paint color just seems very harsh with flourescent lights and the longer I keep denying it the longer I will go crazy. The new color is the darker one.

On another note, Jere picked me up from work and while on the phone asked if we could take it easy tonight instead of doing work like we had planned.
This took a lot of self sacrifice - and don't laugh either! It took a lot of effort on my part to lay aside everything I had in mind to do tonight...
  • Sort out trim
  • start putting up trim around doorways/windows
  • paint second coat of white in kitchen
  • paint shelving for kitchen
  • rehang cabinet and microwave so they are lower
  • cover lamp shades in new fabric
  • grocery shop
  • meet freinds for shopping at CVS
  • wax eyebrows
  • read

So instead we:

  • ate dinner
  • I covered my lamp shades with different fabric
  • watched lost
  • some other stuff
  • I am sitting here while jere sleeps
  • (i might wax my eyebrows)

Yeah I know I could be working right now, but jere likes it when I sit by him and read or whatever when he is sleeping. ;)

So to start the evening off, we both had to have full stomachs. Jere made me dinner from food I didn't realize we had. And IT WAS DELICIOUS. I may not have to go grocery shopping for another week if he can keep figuring out meals like this. Nacho-style-warmed-in-the-oven-chips, salsa, gauc, and quesadillas. Yum. Now I don't want you to think that I do all the cooking...He cooks quite a bit, but this was just fun and special to me because we almost ate out sinceI had no idea what we were going to have for dinner. I had been planning on going grocery shopping tonight - THEN coming home and cooking dinner. :)
And while he made dinner, I covered my lamp shades in fabric...It's the same fabric I used to made the ottoman. I am finding all sorts of ways to use this fabric :)

Here they were before...All dark and dull green. I like them just fine but I needed a change!

I just glued the fabric right to the old shade. It was really easy and I like it already! The finished product.

So that's my evening! Off to wax my eyebrows - or, deffinately just going to read in bed.


Shawna said...

SO much to comment on.

1. I am honored to be mentioned on your blog. :)

2. Dinner looks yummy, way to go jere!

3. The paint looks awesome, and I agree with whoever it was that recommended the bulb change..that will help tons. Did you decide no dimmers?

4. Love the lamp shades! Maybe you should come redo mine. You know the ones that I cannot get to match.

5. Your hair is SO long. And beautiful. I love it.

6. I am glad you had a good night, I missed you at cvs. I am going to post a loot pic, it was a good night.

Talk you tomorrow. :)

dave & rachel said...

It WAS a good CVS night - sorry you missed it. But spending time with your hubby (especially when he makes a point of asking!) is way more important. You made a good choice, even if it was difficult at first. :)

I can't wait to see your paint in person. Maybe we can drop by soon.

Jessie said...

I love the lamp shades! I am excited to fondue with you this week and see you house!!